Accreditations & Compliance

  • C-TPAT
    • The C-TPAT program started out as a modest program in 2001 but over the years it has become increasingly important. With mutual recognition treaties and contract negotiations encouraging C-TPAT or equivalent status, businesses will soon be left behind if they do not join. more
  • CSA & PIP
    • C-TPAT / PIP & AEO projects use our web-based business partner supply chain security standards data collection and analytics product. more
  • ITAR / Controlled Goods
    • The Controlled Goods Program helps strengthen Canada’s defence trade controls through registration, prevention, deterrence and detection. This is done by regulating and controlling the examination, possession, and transfer of controlled goods and/or controlled technology in Canada. more


  • Web Based
    • Zirish has developed course specific to supply chain security, controlled goods and ITAR. Clients can also run their own material on any topic. Course Coordinators have access to response rates and completion certificates. more
  • Traditional
    • We also offer face-to-face training. These sessions are generally structured as half-day workshops. This format allows for a large degree of interaction between the audience and the trainer. Our consultants have cross-industry backgrounds which provide valuable insights during the discussions. more

Duty Recovery

Our Duty & Tax Recovery programs are designed to return to you money lost owing to overpayment. Our program offering covers tax system in US, Canada and the global VAT systems. more


If there is a better way to run a process, we will find it. Our innovative solutions help companies to stay ahead of the competition. more

Software Applications

    • A.S.T.R.A is a middleware application that resides between ERP systems and electronic Customs reporting protocols. Each instance is customized to the Client’s environment so that it ‘bolt’s on’ to SAP or Oracle to give you a seamless experience. more
  • astraICE
    • The system allows the client to record the initial import entry (B3) and maintain a history tag/link of all subsequent adjustment entries. The system’s powerful search and filtering features allows users to quickly identify entries for adjustments which, when filed for an adjustment are then quarantined for any further edits until the receipt of the Customs acknowledgment (B3X barcode). Users have visibility of every adjustment, refund and drawback that has occurred on that B3. The database can be maintained for the required 7 years or longer. more   
  • astraDB
    • The backbone of every Customs / Logistics department comprises a parts database which is used to maintain HS classification and related data essential to complete importation reporting. astraDB allows importers to gain total control and visibility of their parts database. Access is completely maintained by the importer and brokers have read-only access. If brokers are faced with new parts not in the database, these searches are automatically relayed to the importer who can then update the database with the new part details. more
  • astraView
    • Our web-based business partner solicitation system greatly reduces manual inputs. The application allows clients to utilize their time on analysis rather than data collection. Business partner supply chain data is gathered using either our generic templates or data sets that are customized by the client. more
  • auditDox
    • auditDox is a niche application developed by Zirish Consulting Inc. It was inspired from observing the increasing amount of work and responsibility being pushed down to Designated Officials. DO’s, in general are senior management executives who have other business priorities. In most cases DO’s will depend on a support team to collect the myriad amounts of supporting documentation. At the company level, these responsibilities are new for everyone, as the task was earlier being handled by the Controlled Goods Directorate. more