Our web-based business partner solicitation system greatly reduces manual inputs. The application allows clients to utilize their time on analysis rather than data collection. Business partner supply chain data is gathered using either our generic templates or data sets that are customized by the client.

Key Features

  • Easy Admin. Set-up: The system accepts vendor contact details from MRP/ERP systems and the interface allows you to easily update vendor database details.
  • Auto-reminder: Clients can set the reminder duration cycle and the system will send out the emails to the target audience at prescribed intervals. Data logs of this activity are available for review and record keeping purposes.
  • User defined solicitation intervals: The system accommodates quarterly, half-yearly, or annual rests for each business partner category. For instance, your suppliers can be solicited annually while your carriers can be solicited quarterly.

Real-Time reports

There are over 30 reports that can be generated. These reports analyze different perspectives like supply chain security aspects, business partner categories and Top10 supplier standards, to name a few. Our system also provides correlation analysis that presents you with trends in the data submitted by your business partners.

These real-time reports can be accessed via the Internet through secured login.

Powerful analytical tools

Our application is able to slice and dice the data to give you relevant information.

Consolidated and Status Reports provide the ‘Big Picture’. Section-wise Reports provided insights on a particular supply chain security standard. Category-wise Reports provide insights on a particular business partner category (e.g. Suppliers).

In addition, Correlation Reports provide trend analysis and are expandable to cover two consecutive years.