Process Improvement

If there is a better way to run a process, we will find it. Our innovative solutions help companies to stay ahead of the competition. Our value add is in:      

  • Using IT as an enabler. This approach eliminates manually driven processes as far as possible; which increases productivity
  • Integrating the new process into the company’s overall operations
  • Re-visiting the implemented process from time to time in order to gauge effectiveness.
  • Making adjustments to align the process with any regulatory changes or internal re-organization.

Our engagements are run with minimal disruption to the Client’s day-to-day operation

Program Compliance

Trade Compliance saves you money

Zirish Consulting’s compliance services assist you in maintaining high levels of supply chain efficiency. We specialize in Trade Compliance – an area that impacts overall operations and strategic level initiatives.

C-TPAT Compliance

Our C-TPAT support services are unique because they are offered year round 24/7. We do not believe in allocating a specific time in the year to run an audit.

Our automated systems routinely collect vital supply chain security data from your business partners and provide you with real-time risk analysis, which is a program expectation.

Concurrently, you can run a web-based training initiative that covers C-TPAT awareness. Training meets US Customs’ Tier-3 expectations. In addition, our team will keep you apprised of key supply chain security issues and program changes worldwide.      

CGD Compliance

Handling military and dual use items exposes you to several regulations. Non-compliance translates into penalties, inspections and jail time.    

We can help you get accredited to the program and also address operational weaknesses. Our support service includes CGP training.

ITAR/EAR Compliance

Navigating export compliance regulations under the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) and Export Administration Regulations (EAR) is difficult for many companies regardless of their size. Failure to comply results in hefty fines and incarceration.

We provide a comprehensive solution that enables you to incorporate tight internal controls.

Trade Compliance Strategy

When you engage us in a trade compliance project you will get unique strategies to address your challenges. Our work does not merely end by submitting a list of strategic initiatives. We assist you in implementing what we have recommended.

Our assessments use diagnostic tools specifically developed for trade compliance. They view your Customs activity not in a silo but as an integral part of your supply chain. Recommendations therefore have a Big Picture perspective along with micro-level metrics.