Web Based


Our training solutions effectively communicate the content. They also offer the learner various language options and modes to access the courses. 

Web-based Modules

Zirish has developed course specific to supply chain security, controlled goods and ITAR. Clients can also run their own material on any topic. Course Coordinators have access to response rates and completion certificates. 

Benefits of our web-based approach include:

  • Simultaneously executed in distant geographic locations
  • Time-efficient
  • Cost-effective
  • Standardized training and testing through-out the organization

Traditional (Boardroom) format

We also offer face-to-face training. These sessions are generally structured as half-day workshops. This format allows for a large degree of interaction between the audience and the trainer. Our consultants have cross-industry backgrounds which provide valuable insights during the discussions.

Multi-lingual Options

Our web-based courses are currently offered in English and French with audio commentary in either langauge. We will expand the language choice to meet Client needs.