Adaptive Training
Survival of a species is dependent
upon its response to change
Know your gameplan
Trade compliance is complicated
Take calculated risks
There are risks and costs to
any program of action
Think ahead
Is your strategy sound?
Your partner in compliance
We will pull you through rough waters
Ace the Game

Why Choose Zirish

We work with top management on ways to sustain competitive advantage. At Zirish, we start out with a detailed cost-benefit analysis for recommended service offerings so that the client knows the financial impact.

About Us

Zirish Consulting Incorporated was founded in 2007 by management consultants with versatile industry experience and solid management consulting backgrounds


In a nutshell, our services assist you to improve compliance levels be it through assessing and mitigating risk, program accreditations or knowledge transfer

Case Studies

Learn about how we’ve helped businesses transform niche processes into efficient operations

Unique Methodologies

Our innovative and versatile approach enables us to find solutions that others miss.
Our innovative solutions help companies to stay ahead of the competition

Our findings are unbiased. They enable management to identify the problem and provide suitable and effective solutions.

We assist you in maintaining high levels of supply chain efficiency